Welcome to RerunAnić Outdoor‘s innovative project where every square meter of advertising banner becomes a testament to an even greater purpose. Every year, more than 400 of our banners undergo transformation, becoming an integral part of emergency service equipment. Each backpack, bag, or pouch symbolizes support for those who ensure our safety, and every purchase is an opportunity for you to become an active participant in creating a sustainable and secure environment for all of us.

Rerun by Anić Outdoor

How it all started?

Rerun stands primarily as an innovative project spearheaded by Anić Outdoor, a prominent outdoor advertising company in Croatia that annually produces over 400 banners, each surpassing 60 m². Historically, these banners faced a fate of neglect, either discarded or stored post-campaign, leading to an accumulation of recyclable material. Others might see it as a byproduct, but we saw a resource, an asset, from which we wanted to create something purposeful. So, we were on a mission to revolutionize the world of outdoor advertising and start making a change.

What inspired the focus on repurposing advertising banners into functional gear for emergency services?

Our journey embarked upon an unexpected encounter in 2017. That year was marked by severe wildfires that swept through Croatia. During this challenging period, a local voluntary firefighting brigade vigilantly monitored the construction of one of ours billboards due to the high fire risk. It caught our attention that their backpacks were crafted from material remarkably similar to the one we use for printing advertisements/creatives. Engaging in a conversation with them revealed a stark reality—their shortage of adequate materials and the aging condition of their equipment. In that moment, amidst mutual conversations and shared aspirations, the innovative project began.

Besides firefighters, what types of emergency services benefit from your items?

Our primary collaboration revolves around fire fighting units and mountain rescue services. However, we extend our support to any other service utilizing comparable equipment.

What inspired the choice of the name?

Inspired by the concept of a repeated cycle, ‘Rerun’ signifies our commitment to giving a new life to materials that have completed their primary purpose. The name encapsulates our dedication to repurposing used advertising banners, allowing them to ‘rerun’ their journey in a transformed role as functional bags and gear.

How is the process structured?

The process begins post-campaign when we take down the advertising banners. After that, they are thoroughly cleaned, carefully cutted and prepared for repurposing. We adhere to a zero-waste approach, utilizing stitching and employing innovative folding and stitching techniques to creatively manage corners. Each step in this process is entirely handcrafted and imbued with our commitment to sustainability, ensuring that every bag not only serves its functional purpose but also contributes to reducing environmental impact.

What materials are used in the production?

Our production process revolves around repurposing used advertising banners, primarily made from durable PVC tarpaulin material. These banners, sourced after completing their advertising lifespan, serve as the primary material for our creations. In addition to repurposed advertising banners, we integrate a diverse range of eco-leathers and other sustainable, waterproof materials.

Our project has seen remarkable success, achieving an impressive 90% recycling rate for used advertising banners. This significant milestone underscores our unwavering commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental waste. But our journey doesn’t stop here – we’ve diversified our bag models, ensuring that everyone can experience the durability and style of our repurposed bags while contributing to community.

Notably, our donations have made a significant difference. Our bags and sacks are now integral parts of everyday missions, serving as official gear for various organizations.

How can I support your sustainable mission?

Spread the word, participate in upcycling, share your feedback or even collaborate with us – every action counts! You play a crucial role in assisting our emergency services and ensuring they have the necessary resources. By purchasing our bags, a portion of the proceeds goes directly toward supporting firefighting and mountain rescue equipment.